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Cattle Feed Formulation lb &Kg

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===========================Cattle Feed MS Excel Formulation Software===========================Do on Your Own and be a Formulator. Use and modify it as per your requirement. Keep original App on mobile to get update and avoid error in application.!!!OFFER!!!! Get PC Version for Free !!!Send your Order Detail at i.e Order No , Date and Country of purchase for play store. We will send you PC version in 24 Hours by Email for Free !!!!!!File should not share more than two Computers. Doing that File will start showing Error which cant be Fixed unless purchasing again.
Includes1. Cattle Feed formulation software (Kg ) units2.Cattle Feed Formulation software (lb) Units3. Cattle Nutrient requirement Chart for reference(Mature Beef Cow,Heifers,Growing Steers And heifer Calves,Growing Bull calves,Growing Yearling,Growing and mature Bulls,Lactation,Pregnant) Monthwise and as per body weight.
====================== Key Features======================>>Easy to use and understand>>This formulation is Base on Dry Matter Basis so Most accurate.>>162 Feed ingredient / Raw materials/Feed Stuffs commonly used in feed are Included with there nutritive value.>>All values for input can be changed as per your need.>>Guide and Unit conversion Software is included in same file.
================================Whom can use Formulation Software?================================★It can be used for all cattle Breeds.★It can be used for minimum 1 cattle feed formulation and maximum how much you want.★Who do not have lot of expertise in using complicated formulation softwares and do not want to waste time and money .>> Result are far better then others because easy to use and change data in easiest way.>>It takes maximum a hour to understand first time, and 5 minute to formulate every time.
==========================Why to Use formulation Software==========================>> What you feeding to your livestock you must know. Feed cost is highest cost in livestock operations.>> If cattle need certain nutrient, deficiency can cause lower production and losses while excess can also cause lower production and feed cost. So cattle must be reared on balance diet for optimum profit. Thats why you need to give required nutrient by formulating balanced ration.
============Includes In software=======================>>Guide and conversion - Easy guideline to understand how does it works. Cattle weight measurement - By girth and body Length shown with diagram and description Unit conversion- Additionally provide unit conversion in case if you need to convert any units .
>>Input- Where you can find your ingredients/Feed stuffs 162 commonly used feed stuff included.But if you have some you can add them with there nutritive value. Usually Names are different in local Languages and countries so go to google translator and translate feed stuff name to your language and change name in file as per.Cost- you can Fill cost for feed stuffs>>Formulation - Here you can do your actual formulation and feed mixes. It will show youOn Dry Matter Basis and As Fed Basis tooUnits after download you can choose any time Kilogram unit file or Pound Unit file as per your requirement.
>>Diet Nutrient Density<<DM %,CP %,TDN%,DE Mcal/lbor kg,NEm Mcal/lbor kg,NEg Mcal/lbor kg,By-Pass %,EE%,CF %,ADF ,NDF%,Calcium %,Phosphorous%,Potassium%,Sulfur %,Zinc ppm, Ash%
>>Nutrient Requirement /Animal/Day >>>DM ,CP ,TDN,DE Mcal,NEm Mcal,NEg ,By-Pass ,EE,CF ,ADF ,Calcium ,Phosphorous,Potassium,Sulfur ,Zinc
>>Print- You can print your out put formulation and results and costs.
>>Nutrient and feed stuff- Here you can choose feed stuffs for formulation
>>Requirements- Here you can find Nutrient requirement for animal type and weight
>> Allows File to use on other Devices Like PC,ipad,iphone,Desktop,tablet,mobile phone>> Download Kingsoft Office Free